He further says, we get caught up with work, we keep

## ## Not writing a script on Covid

If you remember the campy character of Inspector Gopal Singh in Anurag Kashyap gangland epic series Gangs of Wasseypur (2012), Faisal Malik has stayed with you. The lockdown has not been abut leisure for Malik. The actor, who also runs a production house, is currently perfecting projects he was already on before the 41 day lockdown came into force. of my productions was due for release around this time, but the curfew has delayed deadlines. However, work goes on, he says.

Malik coordinates with his team on Zoom regularly. He confesses he has not been able to cultivate a new hobby, unlike most others. He further says, we get caught up with work, we keep giving in to that whirlwind. I keep wishing for a scope to hone my passion, but none of that happens. I have finally started enrolling into online masterclasses for scriptwriting. The actor cum producer cooking trials during this period has left him in awe of what most Indian women have been doing for years. Malik can fathom how homemakers or working women cook on a daily basis. toil and thought that goes into one dish is unimaginable, he admits.

Ask him if he has prepared anything fancy and he cheerily says, took YouTube lessons and made some Pasta and Kofta. What do you find most tricky while manning a spatula? balancing act! I don understand how, but I turn around to fetch an ingredient and the spice mix in the wok burns. About his recent succes with the insistent and heartful rusticity of Prahlad in the OTT series Panchayat, Malik says, did not require a lot of hard work when you are working with an actor like Raghubir Yadav. He leaves his dialogues with an intonation that makes my part spontaneous. He explains why he doesn intend to write a script on the Coronavirus pandemic. As per the actor, topic has become a trope now. I think like a producer and want to offer something fresh. section:bollywood mainSection:entertainment/bollywood >

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